Download Student Performances Across Test Sections - The MockTest Analytics Report

Do you want to know how much your students have scored across mock-test sections? 

You can now download marks scored by your students across all sections as a report, from your admin dashboard.

Here is how to do it. 

Go to your dashboard and select reports 

   Go to Learning Analytics and Select Mock tests

  Select the test for which you want to download the reports 

  Go to view test-takers

  Here, you can download the All Sections report ( a report with summarized section  scores) or individual section reports

Select Export all columns to download the report

Once you give export, you will get the below pop up message. 

Now, go to Export History and you will be able to download the report

You can now view your student’s data across sections as below

To know how to merge 2 section reports in a single excel sheet check this support article: How to merge 2 section-wise reports

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