Everything about the new feature subschools

What is the Sub school Feature all about?

Lets say you run an online computer programming academy (ex: codemesh.com) that teaches school students & developers.

Now, due to the demand from developers, you have decided to create an exclusive academy for them.

So, do you need to create a new school, buy a domain name & manage it as a separate account? Not any more!

This is where the new Sub school or Institute feature will help you.

Sub school feature allows you to start multiple sub schools under your main school.

So, want to create a school exclusively for developers, create a sub school like this (ex: developer.codemesh.com).

Add/Import the courses from your master academy ( ex:codemesh.com) and simply create the sub school.

The sub school you create will be like an independent school. You can even add courses or tests in the school & let it be managed completely independently

Easily manage multiple schools under a single master school.

How to create a subschool?

First go to your admin dashboard> Manage> Institutes and give the academy name

In the next page, you can see your new academy has been created.

Now, you can choose to import courses into the new academy from your parent academy

Once you have added the required courses, click on the link to view the new subschool

If you have your own domain (ex: codemesh.com) your subschool will appear as developer.codemesh.com instead of developer.learnyst.com

Student View of Your Subschool

Type developer.codemesh.com/learn to see how students view your academy.

With this, now you know how your subschool looks like to your students.

Admin View of Your Subschool

Now, lets get to see the admin side of your subschool. Type your subschool in the browser and select login and enter the credentials.

Go to the admindashboard>courses, you can see 2 courses from your parent academy.

Note: Your subschool admins cannot modify the courses from your parent school. Only you have the power to change the courses.

When you make a change in the parent school, it will reflect automatically in all the subschools.

One cool feature here is that, in subschools you can run it just like an independent academy.

So, you can create courses/ mocktests in your subschool, which will appear only that subschool.

So, these are the latest features from the institute feature of Learnyst.

Now, if you have multiple schools, and want to create 1 single school to manage all the schools, subschool feature will be helpful.

If you are an freelancer, who sells courses to multiple schools, you can use subschool feature to enhance your business.

Go ahead and chat with us to enable the new subschool feature. Check out our other support articles here

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