How Students Can Use The Latest Video BookMark Features And Ask Their Questions

If a student isn't clear about a concept you are explaining in your recorded video, they have an option to use the bookmark feature to revisit that particular portion.

In this article, I will show you how students can bookmark your videos, how they can ask you questions, and how you can answer them back.

How to bookmark your recorded videos

As a student, while playing your video, I can click on the bookmark symbol on the video player.

For ex: I have bookmarked the time: 2:57

I can do this multiple times. For ex: I can bookmark the time: 5:44 min. Every time I bookmark a time, I will get an update as shown

All my bookmarks will be visible as I scroll below the video.

How To Students Can Ask You Questions

I can click on the bookmark section to take the video to that portion.

Post that, click on Discussions and ask questions

Here, I can type my questions and even attach any files like PDF's or images.

Students will be able to see their questions as below.

If you get a lot of questions from students, you can assign a subadmin to answer student questions.

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How to answer your student questions

To answer the student questions, log in to your admin dashboard and go to manage>discussions

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This brings us to the end of the video bookmark feature article.

With this feature, students can mark specific sections in your videos which they are not clear about and also ask you questions based on that topic.

So, create more videos & make your academy an interactive learning place.

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