How to Create the Service Account Credentials and Server Key To Build Your Mobile Apps

Using the App builder, you can build your own branded Android or iOS mobile apps from your academy's dashboard, without a developer's help.

Before building your app you need to create a service account credential (.json) file and server key from the Google Firebase website. These details need to be entered in your admin dashboard.

In this article, let's see how to create a service account credential file and generate your server key. from Google Firebase.

Create a Service Account Credential (.JSON) File

  • First, search for Google Firebase on Google and click on site

You can create a firebase account with any of your existing Gmail account IDs.

  • Now, click on the products and select build

  • Next, click on get started.

  • Click the add project to start a project.

  • Enter your project name as your school name - mobile apps for easiness and click on continue.

  • Next, you can add your Google Analytics account to Firebase. It's recommended to enable Google Analytics for your project.

  • But, if you don't have a Google Analytics account currently, you can disable this option and click on continue.

  • Right now, I have added my Google analytics account. Next, let's click on Create project option

  • Once your project is created, click on Continue to get to your project dashboard.

  • This takes you to the project dashboard. Now, click on the Android app's options

  • Within the android package name, enter your bundle id (or the reverse of your custom domain)

Note: Your bundle id within the app builder should match the android package name

  • After entering your Android package name, you can click on the register app.

  • You can click on the download button to download the service account credential file (.json). Now, click on Next.

  • You can click on Next and leave the step 3 as it is.

  • You can click on Continue to console to complete the entire process

  • You have downloaded the service account credential file. Make sure that you don't change the file name. It should always be google-services.json.

Next, let's get the server key to complete the process.

How to Generate Server Key

  • First, go to your project overview screen within Firebase and click on your app.

  • Next, click on the settings icon within your app and go to the Cloud Messaging tab.

  • Within the cloud messaging tab, enable the cloud messaging option by clicking the Manage API in the Google Cloud Console option.

  • Next, click on Enable to activate the Cloud messaging option.

  • Refresh your firebase account to get the server key.

Congrats! You are now ready to build your app. Check this support article to build your android apps using the app builder.

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