How To Customize Transactional Emails

Now you have the option to customize the transactional emails that are being sent to the learners upon completion of certain actions.

To edit the emails follow the steps mentioned below.

How To Customize Transactional Emails

  • Click on the Marketing tab from the admin dashboard and then click on Messenger

  • Click on Emails followed by Transactional Emails

  • Select the email which you want to customize and click on Manage next to it. Say, here we want to edit the email that is sent to the learners once the admin replies to the support ticket

  • In the next screen, you can see the Edit option

  • Once you click on Edit, you will see the editor screen

  • You can now edit your email body as you see fit. For every email, based on the information required you can add different variables to the email. To do so, click on {x} icon in the editor panel.

  • Once you make the changes and you want to see how it will look in the learner email box you can click on Send Test Email

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