How to Use App Builder to Build Your Mobile Apps

You can build your mobile apps from your desktop without depending on a developer or coordinating with the sales team using the app builder feature.

In this article, let's see how to use the app builder feature.

Here are the steps:

First, you need to purchase app builder.

Then, you can build you android or iOS mobile apps.

#1. How to Subscribe to the App Builder

  • Go to Website & Apps within your admin dashboard and select the Mobile Apps

  • Click on Subscribe to purchase the mobile apps

  • Here, you have 2 options. One, you can purchase the Android or iOS apps and start building your apps.

  • Or, you can simply preview the app. In this case, only the admin can login and view the apps functionalities. There won't be any build generated.

#1.1: How to Subscribe For Free Within The App Builder

#1.2: How to Subscribe For Android App

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