How To Use The Troubleshooting Guide

In this troubleshooting guide we have discussed about the problems that Learners often face while using the web or mobile apps. The issues are mentioned in a list followed by the most common solution to it and then the advanced steps that can resolve the issue. 

Written below is an example of how to read the troubleshooting guide.

  • Issue Brief 

  • Common Solution that learner can try

  • Advanced Solution that you may need to assist

If all the steps fail to resolve the issue then Learnyst Tech Team will help you to resolve the issue. 

Contacting Learnyst Tech Team

All the developers who have worked on Learnyst will be available in Learnyst Tech Team Support. So you will get best support and directly from the Developers involved in the module. 

You can contact us on Learnyst Support Chat (which you see in current page right bottom) or drop us a mail at 

But to provide you optimum support and manage time efficiently we will need following information when you contact us for support. 

Web Learning App Information Requirement

  1. Error Screenshot

  2. Operating System type & version. e.g.  Windows 10, Mac OS X etc

  3. Architecture details (32bit or 64bit)

  4. The System RAM and Hard disk space available

  5. Chrome version installed on your learner's PC. To check the version of chrome you are using, go to chrome://help

  6. Internet connection used & speed tested on 

  7. Learner contact details with convenient time to contact - Email | Phone number | Team viewer id or id

Mobile Learning App Information Requirement

  1. The Android or iOS version

  2. The model and make of the mobile

  3. Internal Memory and Flash Storage

  4. Whether the mobile is rooted 

  5. Internet connection used & speed tested on 

  6. Learner Information with convenient time to contact - Email | Error Screenshot | Convenient Time to contact

  7. Photo of the mobile screen take from other mobile (If possible/optional)

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