How to Create Your Online Course Contents

Need help with preparing contents? You should check these videos.

Its written for teachers, who have never created content before. So, trust me. You can complete each video in just 5-10 min.


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How to turn your study notes into an online course

How to create a course using catchy, free google slide templates

How to quickly turn your PPTs into videos just by using powerpoint

Create video lessons using Free Live Apps

Create timed mock-tests to create course contents

1. How to Turn Your Study Notes Into An Online Course

Learn how to create an attractive PDF course for Free & without any design skills for free

2. How to Create a Course using catchy PPT Slides

Learn how to create an attractive PPT course for Free & without any design skills

3. How to Quickly Turn Your PPT Into Video

Use powerpoint slides to record and create videos. You don't need any other tools.

4. How To Create Video Lessons Using LIVE Video Apps

You can create video lessons really fast by using these 4 free LIVE apps. Here is how.

5. How To Create Contents Using MockTests

If you don't have contents ready yet, use quizzes to get started. Here is how:

So, these were the course creation tips that will help you create your courses fast.

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