The Website Builder Overview

The new Learnyst website builder will help you design a multi paged website without any design experience.

In this article, let me give you a quick overview of the 8 key features in the website builder to help you design your website.

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How to Access the website builder

  • Click on Apps (website) and click on the website builder

  • Click on the Build my website button

    Website Builder - 8 Key Features

  • After a short loading, you'll get into the builder. Let's explore each of the 8 key features.

1. The CMS

Access the Content Management System (CMS) where all the Assets are.

From here you can create pages, blog posts, popups, menus, control SEO & social sharing options, code injection, redirects and more.

2. Add Elements

Lets you add new design elements on the page like images, buttons, text, columns, rows & more by dragging and dropping.

3. Reorder Blocks

Lets you reorder the blocks on your page by dragging and dropping.

4. Styling

Lets you control global styling for colors and fonts across your website.

5. Responsive

Lets you change & modify how your page is viewed on responsive devices.

6. Back to Dashboard

Useful links like Back to Dashboard, Support or Keyboard Shortcuts.

7. Publish Toolbar

Has options related to Updating / Publishing the page, Undo / Redo, Preview, Save & Clear page.

8. Add New Blocks / Layouts

Opens the blocks popup that lets you add new premade blocks on the page.


So, this sums up all the key features within the website builder. Now, go ahead and create your beautiful website and start marketing your website.

For more tutorials on how to market your website, check out the course marketing tutorials series below.

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