Digital Evaluation Master Guide - Evaluate Answer Sheets Faster With Onscreen Evaluation System

In this master guide, let us look at the steps to evaluate answer sheets faster using the digital evaluation tools available in your online academy.

*Note: This feature is currently available only in the standard mock-test plan & premium plans.

Onscreen Evaluation System: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online (Full Video Guide)

Watch the entire video here, or you can go through each step explained below

1: How To Create An Online Exam For Digital Evaluation

2: Understanding The Student Side Of Digital Evaluation

  • Explore the student side of your onscreen evaluation system. Learn how students can submit answer sheets effortlessly.

3: Assign Evaluation Duties To Your Team

  • Learn how to give an evaluator role to your team. Evaluators can correct your student's answer sheets digitally.

4: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online As An Admin

  • Perform digital evaluation as an admin. Learn how to add annotations & assign marks to your students.

5: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online As An Evaluator

  • Learn how your evaluators can correct the answer papers online.

6: Track Your Digital Evaluations With Evaluator Reports

  • Keep track of your evaluators. Know the status of your digital evaluations

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